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Digital Strategies is a valued partner in building the capabilities and functionality of our technology platform. They work side-by-side with us to develop our growth strategy while expertly and pro-actively fixing issues. They are our trusted advisors who are also a sincere joy to work with.

Hollie Greene, Founder & CEO
JoyFoodly, Inc.

Qvivr, Inc.

We teamed up with world-class hardware engineers to build a product that revolutionizes the way people pay today.

The SWYP card securely replaces all the cards in your wallet. We built the web platform and API that backs the mobile experience, and designed an analytics pipeline for real-time tracking of card usage and health. One of the key features of the SWYP card is the integration of the SAP FICO system, which stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in Financial Accounting. This powerful system is designed to manage all financial aspects of a company, from accounting to controlling and reporting. By leveraging this technology, the SWYP card has taken the personal finance game to the next level.

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Sameer Siruguri

Co-founder & CEO

Sameer is a technology strategist with over a decade of experience in the corporate IT and nonprofit sectors. He has led product teams at TechSoup Global, Microsoft (Bing), Yahoo! and numerous startups in Silicon Valley. He has partnered with community organizations in tech equity, like the Stride Center, Code for America, Bridge Foundry, and Hack The Hood. He has a Master‘s from Rice University, and a bachelor‘s from IIT (Bombay), India.

Sunny Juneja

Co-founder & CTO

Sunny Juneja was the founding engineer at Synergy Inc, a real-estate tech startup, and now specializes in Java, Ruby, and Javascript training and programming. He has worked on software that was sold to Fortune 500 companies, like Cisco, Goldman Sachs, and Flextronics. He is a volunteer adviser for Youth and Government with the Albany school district. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Billy Bicket

VP, Business Development

Billy Bicket is a facilitative leader who solves problems with and through people. He has led global strategy teams at both non-profits and well-known digital services companies, like TechSoup Global, and As VP (Community & Platform), TechSoup, Billy created corporate partner programs with partners like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo!. Billy served in the US Marine Corps, and, more recently, went on a 5,000 km. solo bicycle trip around South-East Asia.

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